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The discovery shows that China was not a civilization that is isolated from other humans.

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Q: Why is the discovery of the Caucasian mummies in china important?
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Are there hidden mummies in Egypt?

No not all Mummies are Hidden in Egypt because some mummies were found in China, Peru, Mexico,and Europe

Is it ok to cosplay china from hetalia if you are caucasian?

Sure, a lot of Asians cosplay as Caucasian characters.

Are there still mummies in china?

no they moved over to india

Why were the mummies found in china related to the Celts?

They were berried there

Why is the Peking man the archaeological discovery so important?

Peking Man was an archaeological discovery found in China that is 500,000 years old. The bones were being moved in the 1940's and were somehow lost in the move.

What are the release dates for National Geographic Explorer - 1985 China's Secret Mummies 22-7?

National Geographic Explorer - 1985 China's Secret Mummies 22-7 was released on: USA: 2 December 2007 USA: 2 December 2007

What are 3 countries that have had mummies in a museum?

Egypt, Peru, and China are three countries known for displaying mummies in museums. These mummies often provide insight into ancient cultures and burial practices, attracting visitors seeking to learn more about these fascinating civilizations.

What new discovery has been made in china?

gun powder

What are the release dates for Discovery Atlas - 2006 China Revealed 1-1?

Discovery Atlas - 2006 China Revealed 1-1 was released on: USA: 5 September 2006

What was the effect on Marco polo's discovery?

because of this man we now have a land of china and a land in china called cathaway

Which nation's economy was destroyed during the Age of Discovery?

I think China

Why is China important?

China is important because it made gunpowder.