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Four most important inventions: Paper, gunpowder, printing, compass

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Q: What are China's most important items?
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Chinas 2 most important rivers?

Huang He Valley and The Yellow River

The most important of Chinas rivers at whose mouth lies the seaport of Shanghai is the?

Yangtze River

What is China's most famous product?

Chinas most famous product is me

Chinas major item of trade during its golden age?

China has exported several major trade items during it's "golden age" of trade to the west that is the 18th and 19th Centuries (1700-1900 AD). The two most important were Tea and pottery products.

What are China's animals?

Chinas most famous animals are PandaspandasPandaspandas

Chinas most popular sport?

Dragon boat racing is very popular.

When deciding which resource need to be dispersed what should be your first consideration?

Which Items are most important to the recovery effort.

Chinas most popular food?

Rice or noodles, served with anything and everything...

The two most important items traded in Songhay were?

salt & gold

What is recycling and why is it important-?

Recycling is when items that can be reused are reused, and the act of saving those items for reuse. Some of the items that can be reused are paper and most plastics.

Is chinas economy good?

No it is not.

What are the 20 most important items to a pioneer?

mainly fodds and waters!! haha