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in what two ways might these seas have influenced chinas history

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Q: How did the yellow sea the east china sea and the south china sea influence the history of China?
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How did the Yellow Sea East Sea China sea and the south China sea influence the history of China?

in what two ways might these seas have influenced chinas history

Did Zou Han Dynasty have an influence from china?

What's Zou Han? Zhou & Han are two separate dynasties in Chinese history. How can it have an influence FROM China? You mean Modern China, like Mainland China? or Taiwan, ROC? It's impossible to have an influence FROM the future.

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What individual from either ancient china or ancient India had the greatest influence on world history?

the fox said I wanna find china and india!!!!

What are the 3 seas to the east of china?

The seas that are on the East of China include the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea. All of these are the major seas that border China.

What is the names of China's seas?

yellow,south china,and east china

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What is christianity's influence on China's history today?

It helped pave the way for Western domination.

What influence did the Xia and Shang dynasties have on later Chinese history?

they brougt bronze to china

What seas border china?

The South China Sea The East China Sea The Gulf of Tonkin The Yellow Sea

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