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it is important to have an army training in order, to be responsible, logistics , and welling to save and serve the state or country you were.

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Q: Why is it citizen army training is important?
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What is the history of citizen army training?

Citizen's Army Training is made for the students to be taught how to be more responsible and disciplined. This CAT training was implemented to be taught in highschool to make the students ready to fight for the country whenever there are invaders.

What are the basic commands in Citizen's Army Training?

shine bright like a diamond

Why is Digital Training Management System - DTMS - important to the army?

The Army takes great pride in their recently upgraded Digital Training Management System or DTMS. This program is important to the Army because it is designed to train- the-trainer.

A citizen's army is called a?

A citizen's army is called a militia

How long would it take to be a citizen if you joint the army?

You have to be a citizen to join the army.

What is the foundation of the US Army's training process?

The Army Training CycleThe Army Training Management Cycle

What type of army did Machiavelli consider the best?

Machiavelli believed that a citizen army composed of free men who were loyal to the state and invested in its well-being was the best type of army. He emphasized the importance of training, discipline, and civic duty among soldiers in such an army.

What is army training perform to?

army training is performed to

What is a citizen army?


Which army was moshe dayan an important figure?

Moshe Dayan was an important figure with the Israeli Army. His first military training came when he was 14 years old. He joined a Jewish Army at that time. Later he was named Minister of Defense in Israel.

Who is an important citizen in Germany?

The president of Germany is the most important citizen.

What is the address of the Korea Army Training Center Heechul is at?

he's not at the army training center anymore