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Because they have rotating terms--the whole senate would not be replaced at once. That helps continuity in policies and assimilation of newbies.

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Q: Why is it that only 12 senators can be elected during elections?
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How many Senators are up for election during each election year and why did we do this?

Elections are every 2 years but senators serve for 6 years so to even this out only 1/3 are elected each vote time.

Territory senators are elected for what?

There are 2 Senators for each State only for the States

Are There limits on terms representative and Senators in Washington can serve?

Representatives may only serve two years, unless re-elected. Senators may only serve for six years, unless re-elected.

What is the major difference between off-year elections and prsidential elections?

Off-year elections are held during the years between mid-term elections and presidenttial elections. 2011 is an off-year while 2010 was a mid-term year. With the exception for the filling vacant offices, no national elections are held during off-years. During mid-term elections, all members of the House of Representatives are up for election as are one-third of the U. S. Senators.

Which person was earlier defeated in Presidential elections and later elected as the President of India unopposed?

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy is the only person to be elected unopposed as president of India. In an earlier bid, he was defeated in 1969 presidential elections.

Who can elect united state senators?

In the United States, United State Senators are elected by the citizens of the respective state they represent. Each state has two senators, and they are elected through a statewide popular vote.

How were ancient rome senators elected and who could vote?

I think the Roman people elected the Senators. The Citizens only, but no women or children or slaves. Ancient Roman Senators were not elected--at least not directly. If a man became elected to the office of Quaestor, he automatically became a senator. That's the closest thing to an "elected" senator that Rome had. Other means of entry into the senate were by appointment and by proving a financial worth of at least a million sesterces.

How could Franklin Roosevelt be elected 4 times when the constitution only allows 2 elections?

The clause that allows a president to be elected only twice was added AFTER the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Is it true that in state elections only the governor lieutenant governor and members of the state legislature would be elected under the short ballot system?

Yes, it is true that in state elections only the governor lieutenant governor and members of the state legislature would be elected under the short ballot system.

What is the futuristic outlook for the US economy?

the economy will heal itself when party lines are only used for elections and once the elections are over they should work for the betterment of the country,. that is why we elected them in the firstplace

Why are free and fair elections important to democracies?

Democracy is agovernmentby the people and for the people. If the elections are not free and fair than only those officials will be elected that gave more bribe to get their designation.

Are senators elected from the state?

Originally before the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment the Senators of the Senate were elected by the legislatures of their respective states. After the Seventeenth amendment was passed the Senators were now elected by the Citizens of United States.