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They help america .

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Q: Why is the government important to us?
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What is the source of power for the US government?

The most important source of political power for the US government is the people.

Why was the US Constitution important to us history?

It is the basis of US government. It lays out the law.

Why are protected rights and representative government important principles?

Both became important parts of the US Constitution

What two important precedents were established for the federal government in the US?

The two important precedents that were established for the federal government in the U.S. was a strong central government and a National Banking System

Why is congress in the US so important?

It is the Branch of the US Government that most directly represents the will of the goverened.

Why is it important for the civlilzation to know about the government?

so we will know what will happen to us

Why are rights important to us?

They have the right to elect the members of the national Government

Why is the legislative brach important to the US government?

They are important because they make laws and change some of the existing laws.

Why is education so important to US citizens?

because they have a government named barrok obama

The founders of the US believed that an important purpose of government was to protect whose rights?

the individuals

Why was it so important that the us has written constitution after we gained independence?

There had to be a foundation for government and laws.

What act do US officials believe Syria's government has committed?

There are numerous acts that the US government claims that Syria has done. The most important one is that the US officials believe that the Syrian government forces have used chemical weapons on Syrian citizens.