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Members of the U.S. Senate are elected for a term of six years. Every 2 years, one third of the Senate comes up for reelection. Thus, the Senate is informally divided into three groups, based upon when each Senator was elected.

Every Member of the House of Representatives is elected for a two year term. All of the Representatives must run to be reelected each election cycle.

The reasoning for this is that each member of the House of Representatives represents a smaller population and if there is dissatisfaction of the Representative's performance then it is easier to replace that person. The Senate counterbalances that by being harder to create sweeping change since only 33 of the 100 members are up for election during each election cycle.

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Q: Why is the senate split into three different classes?
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U.S. Senate seats are divided among three classes. The classes have nothing to do with rank; they determine only the beginning and end dates for the three overlapping U.S. Senate terms. At the time statehood is granted, the two Senate seats to which each state is entitled are added to two of the classes. Class 1 Senate seats come up for election every six years including 2012. Class 2 Senate seats come up for election every six years including 2014. Class 3 Senate seats come up for election every six years including 2016.

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