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Most Valuable Tree Species in Alaska:House Bill No. 325 proposed the Sitka spruce, "the most valuable tree species in Alaska," as the official state tree of Alaska. The legislation was approved and the Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) became the official tree of the state on February 28, 1962.
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Q: Why is the sitka spruce the state tree of Alaska?
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What is the state state tree of Alaska?

The Sitka Spruce.

What is the state tree in Alaska?

The sitka spruce tree.It is known to be the tallest spruce tree and is named after a city where the first sitka was sighted, Sitka, Alaska.

Does Alaska have tress?

Yes, the state tree is the Sitka spruce.

What is the name of Alaska's tree?

The Sitka Spruce.

Why is the Sitka Spruce the Alaska state tree?

Because it would be silly to call it the "state insect"!

What are facts about alaska's state tree?

Alaskaâ??s state tree is the Sitka spruce. It is the largest type of cone-bearing tree on Earth and is named after Sitka Sound.

What is the state bird tree and flower for Alaska?

The willow ptarmigan is the official state tree in Alaska. Sitka spruce is the official state tree in Alaska. Alaska's state flower is the alpine forget-me-not.

Alaskas state tree?

The sitka spruce.

What type of tree is the tallest tree in Canada?

the sitka spruce

What is Alaska's state symbol?

The Official Alaska State symbols include: The wooly mammoth as the fossil. The moose as the land mammal. The Bowhead whale as the marine mammal. The King Salmon as the fish. The Sitka Spruce as the tree. The Forget-Me-Not as the flower.

What are five of the state symbols of Alaska?

Official Alaska State Symbols:Bird-Willow Ptarmigan.Fish-King Salmon.Land Mammal-Moose.Mineral-Gold.Tree-Sitka Spruce.Flower-Forget-me-not.Rock-Jade.Fossil-Woolly Mammoth.Sport-Mushing.

How does the Sitka Spruce looks like?

well it is a tree with green leaves on it and it has bark