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It is not good for people to elect a judge because people may have certain feelings towrds a man/woman trying to become a judge. Therefore, he/she will not get elected. The president knows more about the candidates for judges than we do anyway.

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The good is that the public is involved so that it is not just the "crony" of the judge selecting him; the bad is that the public may be swayed by stuff that is not really relevant but stuff that is used, as in Public relations, to portray the person as someone people would want...but in reality he or she is a jerk.

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Q: Why might not it be good to elect judges?
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Which states elect judges? mi_hb1367/is_200209/ai_n5563951 39 states elect judges.

Does the Judicial Branch of government elect Federal judges?

The Judicial Branch doesn't elect federal judges. Article III (constitutional) court judges are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate.

Can people directly elect federal judges?

Not in the US. Federal judges are appointed. not elected.

Who elects judges in the Ohio supreme court?

who elect judges in the ohio supreme court

Does the president elect all us federal judges?


Are the states judges appointed or elected?

It depends on the state. Some states elect, some states appoint.

Does the judicial branch have elections?

On the federal level, no. However, some state courts elect their judges.

What are two state officials besides the govnor and lieutenant governor who are elected to office?

Some states still elect judges (although it's not a terribly good idea). You have the Treasurer. You're state senators or representatives are elected. They state Attorney General is elected and in my state we elect the Auditor.

Do people directly elect federal judges?

No. They are appointed: nominated by the president subject to the approval of the Senate (simple majority vote).

Are judges ever elected by the people?

In the U.S., it varies by state. Federal judges are not elected; they are appointed.

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