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Because the lie

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Q: Why political ads are bot always trustworthy?
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How have third parties been important in America history?

They influenced american politics in many ways for example, third parties have often promoted ideas that were unpopular at first. Over time some of these ideas gained popularity and became a law.

Would you say that there was any distinction between religon and politics in egypts old kingdomwhy or why not?

no because it was bot king and god

Why do Americans use pencils instead of mechanical pens?

That question is false. Americans use bot. Actually most Americans prefer mechanical.

Are the democrats and republicans the two major political parties in the us?

Americans historically have been rather calm about politics and parties. Most people gravitate to one or the other major party depending on their background and experience, in some cases because of the family. Because of the size of the two major parties voting for a third part is equivalent of throwing your vote away. Although a third party or candidate can act as a spoiler as Ralph Nader did in the Bush Gore election. Having only two parties makes the mechanics easier, reapportionment and redistricting are easier (if not fairer). Fund raising is easier. In some governments there are 20 smaller parties and factions that a government must deal with. Two 800-lb gorillas are easier from a logistics standpoint. Given the events recently we may be witnessing the start of a split in the Republican party. The more middle-of-the-road folks feel their party has left them. This leaves the question open "Can a split party win elections ?"

What were the effects on the Native American population of the Columbian Exchange?

Before the Columbian Exchange, no Native American had ever ridden a horse or died of smallpox.

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Are the democrats and republicans are the two major political parties in the us?

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