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Freedom to say what ever anyone wants to must be balanced by the freedom to be told to shut up because what is being said is wrong ! But that does not deny the person saying the 'wrong' thing the right to say it. Nonetheless there are laws which proscribe the rights of people to say things which, for example, inflame racial hatred. There must be a balance of freedom & responsibility & judgment of this is a difficult one to assess. This is in this instance the case that you can type whatever you like on WA: Anything... I cannot stop you publishing whatever you want to say, however base, but if you contravene TOU (Terms of use) then you will be banned ! Hmm, so much for freedom of speech, eh.... No, you must say what you will, but there are defined limits in this situation & in the world at large. In fact it is all about how it is phrased, if you can say something difficult well then you will probably get away with it, if you say 'All *&^%$%^s are (*&^&*&%s' then you will not.

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Q: Why should we allow hate speech?
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What should you do for your grade 5 speech?

i hate this!

Freedom of speech should be preserved at all times?

Hate speech and speech likely to incite violence are not protected .

Should holocaust denial be considered hate speech?


Is it correct for university to ban hate speech?

Yes, the university should ban hate speech. They have an image to uphold and they don't want to alienate potential students.

What are some purposes constitutes hate speech?

A speech, involving hate

Should the US Government limit hate speech when the message being conveyed is based on hate?

No, the government should not because it would take away the 1st admeadment

Are there any governmental laws against hate speech?

Yes, hate speech laws are apart of the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The amendment prohibits the regulation of speech even hate speech.

What part of speech is hate?

A noun, verb, or adjective:Hate is a dangerous vice. (noun, subject of the sentence)I hate him. (verb)He was arrested for his hate speech. (adjective, describes the noun 'speech')

How do you file a complaint of hate speech?

To file a complaint about hate speech, you can contact the platform where the speech occurred (social media site, website, etc.) and report the specific content. Provide details and evidence to support your claim. You can also reach out to local law enforcement or organizations that specialize in monitoring and combatting hate speech.

How does a hate crime differ from freedom of expression?

"Freedom of expression" allows you to exercise constitutionally protected FREE SPEECH. It does not allow you to commit a criminal act in pursuit of it.

Why do you hate speech?

Well... first of all... some people don't hate speech, and people who hate speech doesn't really like school that much or your shy and don't wanna talk that much. Speech is just to help you pronounce your words a little better.

What are limitations on freedom of speech?

Hate speech criminalization is a major limitation on speech. Diversity people are granted special protection by big government so as to prevent their hurt feelings and prevent them from reacting with violence toward a hate speaker. If a Diversity person or a hate speaker react with any form of violence, only the hate speaker is necessarily subject to government prosecution for hate speech. The intent of hate speech criminalization is to chill criticism of Diversity people. Another limitation on speech is free speech zones designated by big government. Outside a free speech zone a speaker is subject to arrest and prosecution.