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Well, it's already happened. There is no "shouldn't". It not a choice he'll have to make in the future, so...

If you're asking "why should Brutus NOT HAVE killed Caesar", well, Brutus was Caesar's trusted friend and confidant who let himself be swayed by the hive mind.

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Q: Why shouldn't Brutus kill Caesar?
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What event convinces Brutus not to kill Caesar?

Brutus does kill Caesar.

Why did Marcus Brutus kill Caesar?

Marcus Brutus joined the conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar because he, being an idealist, thought that he was saving the government.

When brutus received the word that Cassius was not happy how did describe Cassius?

Cassius convinced Brutus that it was right to kill Caesar and Brutus plots to kill him.

What is troubling Brutus?

That he is going to kill Caesar, who is his friend.

When does brutus realize it was wrong to kill Caesar?


What does brutus fear when he hears the crowds shouting?

When the crowds are shouting Brutus fears that they are asking Caesar to be the king. Cassius is trying to persuade Brutus to help him kill Caesar.

Did Caesar know that Brutus wanted to kill him?

No, if he had known he wouldn't have let Brutus near him with a knife.

To what decision does Brutus come in his orchard?

brutus decides to kill caesar because he thinks caesar will abuse of his power if crowned king. (; by angie!

Who joins and then leads the conspiracy to kill Caesar?


Does Brutus like Caesar?

Yes. They were friends, but Brutus felt he had to kill Caesar for Rome. Basically, he loved Rome more than he loved Caesar.

In Julius Caesar who recruits Brutus?

Cassius does: he writes him letters that were supposedly from citizens of Rome telling Brutus he needs to kill Caesar for the good of Rome

How and why does Antony attitude toward Brutus change from the beginning?

Mark atony hates Brutus because brutus helped kill caesar