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Q: Why was Cornwallis surprised to see Armistead in an American uniform?
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How many stars did general Charles Cornwallis have on his uniform?

He had Five Stars (5)

What color were the American soldiers uniform?


What does g.i.stand for on the uniform of American military?

government issue

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They don't depending on the school.

What is meaning of GI on the American military uniform?

Government Issue

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only if it is part of the uniform as in the American soldiers cammies or if the uniform allows for some personal choice such the flight suits of flgiht crews

On the American military uniform what did GI origanlly stand for?

Government Issue

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· Uniform · United States

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That depends of the context of the question. If he was a member of the US army and served with Canadians, he would wear an American uniform. If he was an American and he joined the Canadian military, he would wear a Canadian uniform.

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the color of the american revolutionary uniform was either blue with red or blue with white

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In the American Civil War, the Confederacy had a grey uniform and the Union had a blue uniform.

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I don't know it is up to the American government