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Great Britain is not called the UK. This is a common confusion. Great Britain is the name of an island containing England, Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom is all of Great Britain and also Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is on the island of Ireland, so it is not part of Great Britain. So Great Britain is not the UK, just part of it, though many people think they are the same and so they use both names.

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Like all of her colonies, England was the mother country of the American Colonies from 1607 until when the American Colonists declared themselves separate from her in 1776. Of course as the mother, England would not let go of her rebellious children, the American Colonies, until the independence of those children was recognized in 1783.

Other examples of England being the mother country include....

1.) Canada

2.) Australia

3.) New Zealand

4.) India

5.) South Africa

6.) Jamaica

7.) Ireland

Of course, there are dozens of others which were a part of the British Empire from 1783 to 1997, but the term "mother country" is decisively used to describe the relationship between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as the mother, and its legacy of colonizing the present-day United States of America which is a historical remant of the 1st British Empire.

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England was called the Mother Country because that is where most of those living in the New World came from. They migrated from England to America for a better life.

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Because many countries like the US, New Zealand Australia were settled by British colonists and ruled by Britain in their beginnings

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Q: Why was England Great Britain called the mother country?
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What was the position of American Rebels in comparison to the position of Loyalists?

The American rebels in the American Revolution were fighting for their rights and their country against the mother country, Britain. On the other hand, the Loyalists remained supportive of Britain against the rebels in the war.

Which united states colonies belonged to mother country?

Great Britain was the Mother Country of the 13 American Colonies that are now part of the US. Other countries that had colonies in the Americas include Russia, France and Spain. Some of these former colonies (Alaska, Louisianas, Texas, California, etc.) are also part of today's US, though they were not part of the original 13 states.

Why did the colonists go from loyal british subjects to declaring war with Britain?

The British were trying to make the colonists pay taxes to Britain and continue to serve them in ANY capacity. Basically serving the British as if they lived in Britain! The colonists didn't think they should have to live under the rule of Britain without being able to form their own government or setting rules apart from the Mother England. England wanted to keep control of the colonies. Colonists wanted to be separate from England.

Whose side was America on in World War 1?

On the side of the allies. The enemy was called the "central powers."

What country did the 13 colonies fight during the revolutionary war?

If you are talking about America, then Great Britain. Great Britain told the Americans that they were the "mother country" and the colonists were "children". The colonists soon grew tired of being "children" and having their "mother" tax them on goods, as well as freedoms. So they decided to revolt.

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What country were the colonists seeking independence from?

England, a country that was a part of Great Britain.

Are England and France the mother countries?

A "Mother Country" is the country a person was born in when he or she has emigrated to some other country. A "Mother Country" can also be the country that owns a colony and is thus the mother country of that colony. So, England is the mother country for people born in England who live in Australia, Russia, the US, or elsewhere, and similarly for France. In terms of colonies, England was the mother country of the colonies of the British Empire, and is sometimes called "mother country" by some in the Commonwealth of Nations. Similarly France was the mother country of the colonies in the French Empire, and may still be called that by some people in those, now independent, countries But for someone who was born, for example in Germany, or for someone in a former colony of the Netherlands, neither England nor France are "mother countries."

Which country is called mothers country?

The "mother country" is whatever country the speaker's ancestors came from. In British Commonwealth countries, or former British colonies, the mother country is England.

What was the mother country of the thirteen original colonies?

The mother country of the thirteen original colonies was Great Britain.

Mother country is best associated with?

Mother country is what England was called during the Colonial period in America. This was when America had not yet gained it independence and America was known as the "New World" while England was known as the "Old World" or the "Mother Country." This was because England was kind of like a "Mother" to the United States because of the fact that they still had power over the U.S.

Who is the mother country of Egypt?

Great Britain

What was the mother country of the US?


What is mother country of the US?

The United States, as it exists today, has no single mother country. It is descended, rather, from all the European countries, along with Africa and Asia.

Which country is called the mother of renaissance?

The country that is called the mother of renaissance? Is Italy (The country is Italy)

What country was the US fighting during the American revolution?

Great Britain aka ENGLAND aka the USA'a mother Country We were fighting for independence from them during the late 1770s until the early 1780s.

What country was the mother country during the revolutionary war?


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