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George Rogers Clark is important in the Revolutionary War because he defeated the British in the Illinois Campaign. This prevented the British from seizing that territory. As part of the peace treaty, this land was ceded to the United States, thus opening the West for expansion.

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Clark lead Virginia frontier fighters against the British in the Ohio Valley. Clark also captured the British forts at Kaskaskia and Cahokia with the help of some Miami Indians. He also planned a surprise attack on the British fort at Vincennes. When he and his men reached the fort, they spread out Into the Woods and made their numbers appear greater. The British commander believed it useless to fight. He surrendered Vincennes in February 1779.

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george rogers clark was the Kentucky frontier military leader

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He helped captured Kaskaskia and Cahokia.

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Q: Why was George Rogers Clark important in the Revolutionary War?
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Why is George rogers Clark important to the revolutionary war?

New Netherland

Who helped secure frontier lands of the Northwest territory during the Revolutionary War?

Lieutenant Colonel George Rogers Clark

Was our country named after george Rodgers clark?

America was not named after George Rogers Clark. Clark served as a military officer in the American Revolutionary War.

Why george rogers clark thought the frontier was important to defend?

He sied

Did George Rogers Clark have any brothers?

George Rogers Clark had two brothers; William Clark and Jonathan Clark.

George Rogers Clark contribution to society what did he do?

what was the contribution to society did George Rogers Clark

When was Louisville Kentucky founded?

George Rogers Clark.

Who were the Frontiersman who captured kaskaskia and vincennes?

George Rogers Clark.

Why is george rogers clark important?

George Rogers Clark and some Virginia militia set out to end the British attack on Western Settlers in the frontier. Clark's victories strengthened the American positions in the West.

Who was the young Virginian sent to protect settlers and won the war in the west for the revolutionary war?

George Rogers Clark

What is George Rogers Clark's birthday?

George Rogers Clark was born on November 19, 1752.

Who is George Rogers Clark's wife?

George Rogers Clark was married to Teresa De Leyba.