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Henry Knox (July 25,1750- December 31,1806) played a very important role in the Siege of Boston, a important battle in the opening phase of the Revolutionary War. Knox had extensive knowledge about all kinds military weapons and after meeting George Washington in 1775 quickly became commander of the Continental Regiment of Artillery. As the Siege on Boston began Knox suggested to Washington that cannons recently captured at Fort Ticonderoga be transported to Boston to give the Americans the advantage. Washington liked the idea and put the Knox in charge of the expedition. Together Henry Knox and his men completed a 300 mile journey, dragging over 60 tons of cannons and mortars over mountains, rivers and through forests. When they arrived back at Boston the American army put up hundreds of barricades and positioned the cannons during the night. In the morning, the English army was completely overwhelmed by the sight of the surrounding American army, and soon retreated out of Boston by ship. If Henry Knox had not retrieved the cannons from Fort Ticonderoga that very important battle way have been lost.

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Q: Why was Henry Knox important?
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