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He romoved the secretary of war from his position without the approval of congress

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Q: Why was President Andrew Johnson charged with breaking the Tenure of Office Act?
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President who served in senate?

Andrew Johnson, US Senate from Tennessee in 1875.

Who was the first us president to have an impeachment trial?

Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson

Congress authorized an official impeachment investigation of what president?

Andrew Johnson.

Who was the 17th president?

Andrew Johnson was the 17th President. He was the vice-president under Lincoln and became President after Lincoln was killed.

Which of these men became president when Abraham Lincoln died in office?

Lincoln's Vice President, Andrew Johnson, took office upon the death of Lincoln.Andrew Johnson of Tennessee. He was president from 1865-1869.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson became president after Lincoln's' death.Andrew Johnson.Andrew Johnson was sworn into office after the death of Abraham Lincoln.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson, the vice-president, became president upon the death of Lincoln.His Vice President, Andrew Johnson, was a War Democrat that Lincoln included on his National Union ticket after the Radical Republicans nominated John C. Frémont instead.Vice-president Andrew Johnson became the President .Vice President Andrew Johnson assumed the Presidency after Lincolns' assassinationVice president Andrew Johnson took over in 1865 when President Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 (also Good Friday).- Johnson, the VP, took office upon Lincoln's death.Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson.When President Lincoln died as a result of being shot, Vice-President Andrew Johnson was sworn in as President. Prior to this, he had been an alderman, mayor, member of Tennessee Legislature, member of US House of Representatives, Governor of Tennessee, member of US Senate and Vice-President. He served only one term as President, 1865-1869.Vice President Andrew Johnson.Andrew Johnson was sworn in after Lincolns death.Andrew Johnson