Why was alcohol made?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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some virgins couldn't get any

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Q: Why was alcohol made?
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What is ethyl alcohol made of?


What is yuscaran alcohol?

An alcohol made in honduras

Fats are made of an alcohol called what?

Fats are made of an alcohol called glycerol.

Why did they invent alcohol?

They made alcohol because it was used to get u high

Is alcohol made from petroleum?


How alcohol made?


What is glycerole made of?


What is alcohol made up by?

Alcohol is produced by the action of yeast turning sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Is coco cola made out of alcohol?

no its made out of caffeine

Is cheese made out of alcohol?

No, cheese is made from milk.

Does mimosa contain alcohol?

Mimosa's are made with champagne. Champagne contains alcohol.

Is alcohol made with microorganisms?

Yes, it's made with yeasts.