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an excommunicated person was denied contact with most of society

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Q: Why was excommunication an effective form of punishment for people who disobeyed church laws?
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Why was excommunication an effectiveform of punishment for people who disobeyed church laws?

An excommunicated person was denied contact with most of society.

Why might an interdic be more effective then excommunication in convinsing a lord to obay the church?

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When people could not partipate in communion at church in medieval times what was the punishment called?

I think you are referring to excommunication, a punishment under which people could not receive communion, among other things.

What is it called when the pope cast an official out of the church?


What did humanists think about excommunication?

They didn't think much of it. Humanism is very much about open-mindedness and critical thinking; excommunication is - or today mostly: was - the punishment by the not open-minded Church of forms of thinking that went against Roman Catholic doctrine.

What was the loss of membership in the church?


What was Martin Luther's punishment for heresy?

A:At one time, the normal punishment for a heretic who refused to recant was to be burnt at the stake, although the 'wheel' was sometimes preferred as a particularly vile and public form of excruciatingly slow death. Because no one Church now has absolute power, punishments had to be more subtle, with excommunication the most likely. At one time, excommunication was likely to mean that no member of the Church could help the excommunicant in any way, and could even mean that anyone would be permitted to attack or even murder the person. Nowadays, excommunication for heresy is a more spiritual punishment. .AnswerThe Church's most extreme punishment for a heretic has always been excommunication, the Church has never had the authority, power, or will to take anyone's life. The Church's mission from Our Blessed Lord is to save souls, and capital punishment would certainly not help this process. To the best of my knowledge the only people who were ever burnt at the stake were women accused of witchcraft in protestant countries by protestant governments, certainly not the Catholic Church.

What is the Church's curse?

A anathemic denouncement by the church and a required prelude to excommunication.

Did Henry VIII ever get back to the Church after his excommunication?

No. He created the Church of England.

When the pope cast an official out of the church it is called?


What was the act of taking away a persons right to membership in the church?

"Excommunication" The Pope can "excommunicate" a person from the Catholic Church. e.g. Henry VIII was excommunicated from the Catholic Church, because he changed the Church in England to Protestant.

What were the consequences of making the Church of England?

An interdict from Rome on the country of England and her people. The excommunication of Henry VIII from the Roman church. The excommunication of all clergy and laity who followed Henry.