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Briefly, there were many American heroes on land in the Revolutionary war, but John Paul Jones was America's first hero at sea. A natural sailor, Jones served on merchant ships before the war. Although the Continental Navy was no match for the British Navy, Jones compensated with skill and daring. His most famous accomplishment was the capture of HMS Serapis. His exploits attracted the attention of Catherine the Great, and after the war he commanded her Black Sea Fleet. This adventure ended badly as jealous Russian officers sabotaged him, and he was dismissed, but his service in the American Revolution was enough to secure him a place in history.

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1. He became commander of a unsuccessful ship. 2. He patrolled English coast.

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His victory against a superior British foe inspired the American troops.

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Q: Why was john paul Jones victory important in the war?
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What was john paul Jones greatest victory at sea?

John Paul Jones greatest victory at sea took place in September 1779. He was commander of the Bonhomme Richard when the British surrendered and he took over their ship, the Serapis.

What is John Paul Jones full name?

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What effects did victory of John Paul Jones have?

1. He became commander of a unsuccessful ship. 2. He patrolled English coast.

Why was john paul Jones important?

hi fought in the american revolutionary war

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What were some of the most important accomplishments of John Paul Jones?

it was capturing HMS Serapis

What patriot helped win several important naval wars?

John Paul Jones.

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