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Texas wasn't annexed, it joined the USA by treaty, which is why the state flag flies at the same height as the U.S. flag when on side-by-side flagpoles.

Tyler and everyone else was afraid that the treaty would mean a war with Mexico, which in fact DID occur within months.

Texas wasn't the only issue between the USA and Mexico, as there were problems with Southern California too, but Texas was the biggest and final straw on the camel's back.

The Mexican-American war began when Mexican artillery opened up on Fort Texas, in Brownsville, from across the Rio Grande, in Matamoros, starting a six-day siege and war with the USA.

Tyler was right.

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Q: Why was president tyler upset on the annexation of Texas?
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The Northeast was the region most opposed to the annexation of?

The Northeast was the region most opposed to the annexation of Texas in the mid-19th century. Many in the Northeast saw the annexation of Texas as a move that would expand slavery and upset the balance between free and slave states. They were concerned about the potential expansion of slavery and the implications it would have for their own state economies and political power.

How did part of the annexation of Texas cause the US Civil War?

If the state was brought into the union it would upset the balance of free and slave states.

Why did Texas annexation take so long?

Texas would be admitted as a slave state, and it would upset the balance of the equal number of states being slave states and non-slave states. -1d4evr

The Republic of Texas existed from 1836 to 1845 before Texas joined the US. Besides the likelihood of war with Mexico why did annexation take so long?

Texas practiced slavery, and the US already had adequate problems maintaing a balance between the north and the south on that issue. Texas had made an effort to go it alone as a Republic, but it lacked recognition by most of the world and had created an enormous burden of debt. Texas needed a handout in a big way.

Is it true that Texas gaining its independence led to more attention regarding the slavery issue?

When Texas gained independence from Mexico, it fiercely fought to protect and guarantee its slavery rights. While Texas remained its own independent nation as the Republic of Texas, little notable attention from the United States was given to the newborn country with regards to the slavery issue. However, once the Union began discussions on the possible annexation of Texas, the slavery issue burst through once the free states realized that Texas' annexation would upset the balance of free and slave states representation.

Why was the annexation of Texas delayed?

It was delayed because the issue of Slavery and to balance whether it should be a free or slave state.

What did Edwards try to do that upset Cherokee and Mexican families in east Texas?

what did edwards try to do that upset cherokee and meican families in east texas

Why was the united st ate reluctant to annex Texas?

They were not going to annex at first because the president at that time said it would upset the equal number of slave states and free states.

What about American settlers in Texas upset Mexican leaders?


Why did Mexican officials have been upset by the annexation of Texas by the US?

Texas used to belong to Mexico. When Texas gained independence from Mexico, it became its own country, essentially. Texas wanted to become a part of the United States, but Mexico was opposed because: (a) Mexico knew that it had a better chance of reclaiming Texas if it only had to fight a Texas military as opposed to a U.S. military. (b) Mexico was very opposed to slavery. If Texas was going to be annexed, the U.S. would make it a slave state, meaning slavery could exist in Texas, which Mexico didn't like.

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