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Q: Why was the Constitution considered a Revolution?
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Did the constitution advance or set back the principles of the Revolution?

The US Constitution advance the principles of the Revolution. Many of the principles for which the Revolution was initiated were listed in the Constitution.

Which of these statements is falseThe Constitution was written as a justification for the American Revolution?

The Constitution was written as a justification for the American Revolution.

What constitution did George Washington sign after the American revolution?


What country had a revolution shorty after the us wrote the constitution?

the french had their revolution

What did the Jacobin's want?

They wanted a revolution, a constitution, the ideas of the revolution restored.

Was the declaration of indepedence was written before the constitution?

Yes, the Declaration of Independence was a proposal for a revolution, and the constitution was only written after the revolution was completed.

What is the constitution considered to be?

The constitution is considered to be the "supreme law of the land", as stated in Article VI.

What are two facts about revolution?

Two types of political revolution according to Aristotle is:Complete change from one constitution to anotherModification of an existing constitution.

What are some connections between bill of rights and the American revolution?

The Bill of Rights came in the ratification of the constitution and the constitution was needed to form a government after the revolution.

How was the US constitution relevant during the American revolution?

It wasn't written yet. The Constitution won't be written until 1789. The revolution began in 1776.

Was the constitution written after the American revolution and the Louisiana purchase?

After the Revolution, but before the Louisiana Purchase.

Should the constitution be seen as a conservative reaction to the revolution?

The Constitution should be seen as a conservative reaction to the revolution because it established the electoral college instead electing the U.S. President by majority vote.