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He was inspired by the ideas of the Revolution

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Q: Why was the Marquis de Lafayette interested in the American Revolution?
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What did the Marquis de Lafayette have to do with the revolution?

The Marquis de Lafayette was a French Aristocrat who fought as a US General in the American Revolution.

French Noblemen who fought in the American Revolution?

Marquis de Lafayette

What were early colonists in New Netherlands were most interested in?

How did Marquis de Lafayette helped George Washington during the American Revolution

How was Marquis de Lafayette involved in the American Revolution?

He commanded the French National Guard.

Who was the french aristocrat who fought with the American colonist against the British in the American revolution?

Marquis de Lafayette

War in which marquis de Lafayette helped Washington?

Revolution. Later, in the French Revolution he used tactics learned in the American revolution.

Who was the French general who was involved in the American Revolution and played an active part in the early stages of the French Revolution?

the Marquis de Lafayette

What French soldier led the colonists in the American Revolutionary War?

Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette, was a General in the American Revolutionary War (in the American Continental Army) and later a General in the French Revolution.

How did marquis de Lafayette a frechmen come to be involved in the American revolution?

he was acting stupid and jumped off a cliff

Who is the military hero of the French Revolution?

Marquis de Lafayette

Why was Marquis de Lafayette called the hero of two worlds?

Because of his service in both the American Revolutionary War and in the French Revolution.

What role did Marquis de Lafayette play in the success of the American Revolution?

The Marquis de Lafayette aided General Washington in the American Revolution.