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umm... The Revolutionary wasn't bad for the colonists. Yeah, they lost some good people in it, but they won their independence and became an independent nation. How could that be bad? Your question is thereby rendered invalid.

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The revolutionary war was a bad idea because the Americans really did not have to resources or soldiers for the war.

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because jose A is the coolest mex lol

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Q: Why was the Revolutionary War a bad idea?
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Why was it a bad idea to wear red in the revolutionary war?

because it just screams " SHOOT ME!!! '

What Revolutionary War was in Delaware?

A very bad one.

What life lesson learned from the Revolutionary War?

That WAR Is Very Very Bad ?! :)

How did the acts lead to the revolutionary war?

because the duch where bad.

What part did Thomas Jefferson have in the Revolutionary War?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, which was in effect the declaration of war that resulted in the Revolutionary War, and he continued to be an inspiration for the idea of an independent and democratic American state.

What did the british call our American revolutionary war?

I assume you are referring to the american revolutionary war

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What led to the American victory in the revolutionary war led to what?

the spread of the idea of liberty at home and abroad.

Where was the low point of the revolutionary war for the continental army?

Lack of discipline bad weather

Were Irish people involved in the Revolutionary War?

because they felt bad for the Americans and so the Irish went to war to help them

What is the main idea of Lexington and concord?

The Battles of Lexington and Concord kicked off the American Revolutionary War

Was lord Cornwallis in the civil war or the Revolutionary War?

he was in the revolutionary war