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The church was increasingly unable suppress dissent because of education. As more people became educated, and able to read the Bible for themselves, dissent was difficult to suppress.

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Q: Why was the church unable to suppress dissent as it had earlier?
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Why was the church unable to suppress dissent during the reformation as it had earlier?

In the period from about 1520 Luther and some other reformers had the backing of some powerful secular leaders - unlike in the Middle Ages, when reformers were all seen as subversives.

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What occurred after church officials were unable to punish Martin Luther?

They labeled him as an outlaw.

When will men be able to work together in one Church?

A:There has never been a time in the history of Christianity in which it has been represented by one united Church. From the earliest writings of Paul, then the gospels and the Christian writings through the second century and beyond, the Great Schism of 1054, the Reformation to the present day, Christianity has been characterised by dissent, splits and numerous schisms, although we rarely hear of the less important ones.Christianity has always seemed unable to unite as one, and remains unlikely to do so in the future.

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Will the Church Of God In Christ release a pastor from a church when he is not able to serve the church fully or does cogic wait for death?

If the Pastor is unable to fully serve the church, he will still have the position of Pastor until his call to Glory, an Assistant Pastor or a designated person of ministry will conduct the services and tend to the needs of God's people.

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Can a Greek orthodox confirm a child in a catholic church?

No. In order to be able to partake of the Holy Sacrament of Communion, you must be baptized and christmated(confirmed) in the Church in which you plan to receive the first communion. However, you are unable to be baptized in both churches, as the church in which the child has been baptized for the second baptism, becomes the Church in which they stand in and can only stay in that church, unless they convert to the other church, and lost the "right" to take communion in the church they converted form.

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