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During Constitutional Convention states could not decide on many issues because some states were big some small, some had large population some small, some had slavery some didn't. That's why they had to compromise on those issues: Great Compromise - bicameral Congress. House of Representatives is based on population of the state, while Senate is only 2 senators per state. This ensured equall representation of states in the government. Sectional Compromise - they decided not to talk about slavery for 20 years. 3/5th Compromise - slaves would count as 3/5 of population. Missouri Compromise - this compromise divided south and north, north states were free states and south states were slave states. This is why Constitution is a bunch of compromises, these are 3 major compromises. History Freak

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Q: Why was the final draft of the US Constitution a compromise?
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Who wrote the final draft of the US Constitution?

AnswerGouverneur Morris

When was the constitution of the us wrote?

The final draft of the unamended US Constitution was written on September 17, 1787.

When was the final draft of the US Constitution sent to congress?


What kind of paper or parchment was the US Constitution written on?

The U.S. Constitution was drafted on hemp paper, and the final draft was written on animal parchment.

What is a bundle of compromise?

The bundle of compromise was a name for the US Constitution mainly because of the Great compromise and the 3/5 compromise

How many days did it take to draft the constitution?

how many days to draft the us constituition?

What role did James Madison play in the US Constitution?

He wrote the rough draft of the constitution.

What kind compromise was necessary for the Constitution to be accepted?

The main compromise in the original US Constitution was about slavery, which was permitted in some states and prohibited in others.

What kind of compromise was necessary for the constitution to be accepted?

The main compromise in the original US constitution was about slavery, which was permitted in some states and prohibited in others.

Who wrote the original draft of the US Constitution?

Thomas Sickman

Did it take us 5 months to write the US Constitution?

Actually it was more like 4 months. The Constitutional Convention convened on May 25, 1787 and adjourned on September 17, 1787 with the Constitution in final draft form.

What are the key compromises and provisions incorporated in the US Constitution?

The US constitution have a compromise, it have the rules and all the things that may have a country

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