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Because some one wanted to fly.

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Q: Why was the glider invented?
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When was the glider was invented?

The first glider was invented in 1891.

When was the hang glider was invented?

it was invented 2139

Where was the glider invented?


Who invented glider?

Sir George Cayley

What year was hand glider invented?


Where the kitty hawk invented?

The Wright Glider was invented in Kitty Hawk, NC

Did German Otto Von Lilienthal invented the glider?


Who invented a glider?

Otto lilienthal in 1891 im a kid

What German invented the first glider?

the first was Jacob garza

Who invented the first human power glider?

michael jackson did

When did the wright brother invent the glider?

the wright brother invented the glider in the 1890s it was a successful one similar to a airplane but without the engine

Who invented the glider?

German engineer Otto Von Lilienthal in 1891