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This made it so they could control islands that had once been under the rule of Japan. It was successful because it was random and made it so the Japanese could not figure out what island would be invaded next and try to stop the invasion or try to intercept the fleet in the ocean.

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The Allies hit strategic islands that were needed for either basing for the Marines or the army, but mainly for the use of airbases to run bombing missions on Japan and other importing island garrisons and bases. So MacArthur and Nimitz hit the most needed islands all the way up to Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

By the Allies 'island-hopping' strategy this allowed them to get closer to Japan, which was their main goal, in order to bomb it from the now captured island airstrips.

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Q: Why was the island hopping strategy of the allies successful?
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What was the allies' strategy in the pacific?

"Island Hopping" .

What strategy did allies use to defeat japan in the pacific?

Island-Hopping .

Who was the mastermind of the island-hopping strategy used by the allies in the Pacific?

Admiral Nimitz .

What did the Allies' strategy of island hopping in the Pacific involve?

The strategy of island-hopping was to capture important islands, one by one, until Japan was in easy range of American bombers.

What was the nickname of the Allies strategy for dealing with the Japanese in the Pacific?

Island hopping- they "hopped" island to island clearing out the Japanese forces as they went

What success did the Allies have with their island hopping strategy in 1942?

They were able to get closer to Japan and isolate Japanese troops on bypassed islands.

What was the nickname for The US strategy in the Pacific to gain ground on the Japanese one island at a time?

"Island Hopping".

The Allied strategy against the Japanese was best described as?

'Island Hopping'

How did Iwo Jima fit into the US war strategy in the pacific war?

Iwo Jima was important to the Allies' Island-Hopping strategy with it's airfields and proximity to Japan .

What was the strategy in the pacific war?

Island Hopping.

What was the pacific strategy against japan?

Island hopping

Which of these was not related to the Allied island-hopping strategy?