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Only islands that were not well defended.

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Q: The strategy of island hopping in the pacific involved allied attacks on?
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Why did Japanese plan on attacking the aleutian islands?

The Japanese planned on attacking the Aleutian Islands to combat the "island hopping" strategy that Douglas MacArthur was using in the Pacific Ocean.

Why did us use island hopping?

Move closer to the japanese mainland-Apex

Reasons for expansion of World War 1 to Asia Africa and the pacific?

World War I expanded to Asia, Africa, and the Pacific for several reasons. For one, the countries involved in World War 1 has colonies in Asia and Africa. This included Tanganyika, which was under German rule. In addition to German East Africa, the British governed Hong Kong, which was physically located within China. To protect their respective colonies, the nations involved had no choice but to bring the war to these areas.

What two companies accepted the government's challenge to build the transcontinental rail line?

Union Pacific Railroad built the line westward and the Central Pacific Railroad built the line eastward. The first transcontinental railroad basically connected the east and the west of the United States. Central Pacific Railroad merged with Southern Pacific in 1885 and then Union Pacific bought Southern Pacific in 1996. Union Pacific still operates much of the rail from Central Pacific Railroad and Southern Pacific Railroad.

How did they win the war?

The United States Island Hopping Campaign and the bombimg of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had a huge effect, as they ended the Pacific theatre of the war. Winston Churchill, prime minister of Britain, inspired the nation to resist the Nazis, which they did in the air battles known as the Battle of Britain, with substantial economic aid from America. When the Pacific War ended, the US pooled its resources with the remaining European troops and landed at Normandy. The casualties for the beach landing were astronomical, but it allowed the US to recapture Paris. From there, it was only a matter of fighting back the Nazis until they surrendered at Versailles.

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What was the strategy in the pacific war?

Island Hopping.

What was the allies' strategy in the pacific?

"Island Hopping" .

What was the pacific strategy against japan?

Island hopping

What strategy did the General MacArthur use to fight the Japanese in the pacific?

i believe it was the island hopping strategy

What strategy did allies use to defeat japan in the pacific?

Island-Hopping .

What was the name of the strategy for capturing strategic pacific locations?

island hopping

What was the name of the strategy used for capturing strategic pacific?

island hopping

What was the nickname for The US strategy in the Pacific to gain ground on the Japanese one island at a time?

"Island Hopping".

Who was the mastermind of the island-hopping strategy used by the allies in the Pacific?

Admiral Nimitz .

What term was described the allied war strategy of the war in the pacific?

"Island-Hopping" .

Which Allied Military strategy led to the liberation of France?

island hopping in the pacific

What was the strategy called that MacArthur created to defeat japan in the pacific?

Island hopping!