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it was successful since it prevented the spread of communism in Western Europe.It made the western European countries to regain their faith on capitalism which was nearly lost and also It secured markets for the massive American industrial products which were nearly dumped due to lack of market.Through the Marshall plan US became the leading capitalist power filling the vacuum left by Britain due to its fall.

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yes, the Marshall plan was successful. It helped make Europe prosperous once again.

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yes it was

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Q: Why was the marshall plan successful?
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What was the name of the loan plan to help rebuild Europe after ww2?

Marshall Plan, named after George C. Marshall, who was then US Secretary of State under President Truman. George Marshall was previously the very successful four-star general, Chief of Staff (head) of the US Army in the Second World War. Marshall won the Nobel Peace Prize for the plan and implementation of American rebuilding of western Europe after the war.

Was the Marshall plan a loan?

The Marshall Plan was, indeed a loan. No, the Marshall plan was not a loan. It was aid. There were loans made but they were not part of the Marshall Plan itself.

Who did not accept the marshall plan?

who did not accept the marshall plan

What was the name of the plan that was created to try and rebuild Europe after world war 2?

Marshall Plan

When was the Marshall Plan in effect?

The Marshal Plan was instituted on July 12, 1947.

Us secretary of state who devised a plan to offer massive economic aid to European countries and stop the spread of communism?

Marshall- JS

Who was the marshall plan named after?

George C. Marshall

What helped stimulate the economies and industrial growth of western Europe after the war.?

marshall plan

Who was the author of the Marshall Plan?

I have attached a link that explains the Marshall Plan well. See the link below.

What was the plan to rebuild Europe economically?

the Marshall Plan

Why did Europe receive large amounts of financial aid after World War 2?

Marshall Plan Marshall Plan

Why was the Marshall plan introduced?

The Marshall paln was introduced as a plan to rebuild Europe, more specifically Germany, after WW2