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They were worried that the government would put restriction on the slave trade. Apex

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What is a restriction to regulate international commerce?

trade barrier

What government branch regulate commerce?


Can the federal government regulate activity unter the interstate commerce clause?

Yes the federal government can regulate commerce under the Commerce clause. The Commerce Clause is found in Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution.

What powers were not provided for the under the Articles of the Confederation?

The power to tax, to regulate interstate commerce, and to regulate foreign commerce.

What power does commerce clause give the national government?

This provision gives the nations government the power to regulate interstate commerce.

What gives the federal government power to regulate actions by use of criminal laws only if the actions involve or affect interstate commerce?

The Commerce Clause International conventions The federal domain United States Treaties

Does the federal government regulate interstate commerce as to how outsourcing should be conducted?


Can states declare war or regulate foreign commerce?

No, states cannot declare war or regulate foreign commerce. These powers are reserved for the federal government, specifically the executive branch (president) and Congress. States have limited authority in matters of foreign affairs and international relations, which are primarily handled at the federal level.

How do you use interstate commerce in a sentence?

The federal government has the right to regulate motor carriers because they are involved in interstate commerce.

The first law to regulate big business wich was concerned with regulating railroad shipping rates?

Interstate Commerce Act

What federal government organization was used to regulate railroads telephone and telegraph companies?

Interstate Commerce Commission was formed by the federal government to regulate railroad, telephone, and telegraph companies.

What did the federal government do to regulate big business?

Article 1 Clause 3 is known as the commerce clause, it says congress shall have the power to "regulate commerce with foreign nations among other states.