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I know this one! Our class just learned it like a few weeks ago. The colonists were upset when the British taxed them with the Proclamation of 1763 because they thought it was unfair.

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Q: Why were the Colonists upset when the British taxed them with the Proclamation of 1763?
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What did colonists do to upset the British?

The colonists were British and when they declared independence they were seen as traitors by the king.

Why did the colonists think it was a problem to be taxed without representation?

The colonists did not want to be taxed without representation because it meant they had absolutely no say in government. It meant that they were under complete control of the monarchy in England.

How did the colonist respond to the British proclamation of 1763?

The proclamation of 1763 was a public announcement that said all lands of the Appalachian Mountains belonged to the Native Americans. Colonists became angry with the Proclamation of 1763 because the Proclamation gave the Crown a monopoly on land bought from Native Americans. So, instead of listening and following the Proclamations rules and orders, they ignored them. They were angry that Britain had limited the area available for settlement. They were also upset because the law forbade them from settling in the Ohio River Valley where there was fertile soil for farming, and the Native Americans weren't using it. Many colonists had already bought land west of the Appalachians and now weren't allowed to move. Many colonists did not respect the Native Americans and did not want to preserve their land. The colonists just ignored the law and moved across the Appalachians.

What other people had created a climate for revolution among masses before 1776?

The British had made the colonists branch away from their government because the king had done several things under his rule that upset the colonists.

Why did the colonists innorth America grow more and more upset with the british government?

Most notably, the British imposed many extremely unfair taxes onto the people, forcing them to pay extra for essentials. This was mostly used to support the British troops that were stationed in America, which the colonists thought extremely unnecessary due to the lack of major threats.

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Why were American colonists upset with British rule?

Britain taxed them

Why were the colonists upset about the taxes?

There were several reasons that the colonists were upset about the taxes that they were required to pay by the British Parliament. These taxes were very high and there was no way to voice their opinions on the issue of taxes as there was no representatives for the colonists.

How did the colonist feel about helping the british?

The colonists felt upset because they were being taxed to much. In the beggining they tried to comply with the British, but it turned to chaos later.

What upset Americans colonists most stamp act?

they were being taxed with out being warned first.

What did colonists do to upset the British?

The colonists were British and when they declared independence they were seen as traitors by the king.

Why were the Americans upset with the British?

The American colonists were upset because the British government started to tax the Americans.

How did the colonists protest?

Its shameful

What did England do that upset the colonists?

The colonists destroyed all of the tea (the Boston tea party), Making the British mad because not only were they in debt already but now they were millions of dollars in debt because of the colonists.

Why did American colonists fight to form a new nation?

In the beginning of the war, colonists were upset that they were being taxed from the British, for a war they had nothing to do with. Many of the colonists rebeled and they wanted to be independent. So all and all. They fought to form a new nation because they didn't want to be under British rule; a country 3,000 miles away.

Why were british colonist upset about the stamp act?

Some British colonists were upset, because they were imposed a tax without their voice in the British Parliament.

What did the british government do that the American colonist strongly objected to?

The American colonists objected to many things the British burdened them with. Taxes were a sore point. Long before the "revolution fever" took root, the colonists were upset that they would be taxed to offset the costs incurred by the Crown in the French and Indian War.

What act was not passed by the British that upset the colonists?

stamp act