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The Hollywood Ten consisted of ten film directors and writers who refused to answer questions from Congress about communism and who might be communists in Hollywood. Upon not responding, they were cited by the House for contempt of Congress and served one-year sentences in 1950. The main effect of the investigation by the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) was that Hollywood studios, anxious to avoid regulation and bad publicity, would not allow those who were blacklisted to find employment.

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Because then-senator Joe McCarthy wanted to make a name for himself as a "communist fighter." Those targeted McCarthy claimed were either members of or sympathetic to the communist party. He was a horrible person who committed a terrible injustice.

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Q: Why were the Hollywood Ten sent to prison?
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Who were the Hollywood ten and what were they accussed of?

The Hollywood ten were ten Hollywood writers thought to be Communist by HUAC (House Committee on Un-American Activities). Joseph McCarthy said that these ten writers could use the film industry to spread communist propaganda. The Hollywood ten were then investigated by HUAC, the writers refused to give evidence saying that the constitution gave them the right to free speech. The Hollywood ten were supported by famous movie stars like Humphrey Bogart, this made no difference the Hollywood ten were sent to prison for refusing to give evidence at HUAC trials, and for being suspected communists. :)

What group of writers refused to answer the questions of the HUAC and were sent to jail?

The Hollywood Ten

What was the result in the Hollywood Ten trial?

The result in the Hollywood Ten trial was a guilty verdict, and some of the defendants were sentenced to one year prison sentences and $1,000 fines. The charge was Contempt of Congress.

What group of writers refused to answer the question of huac?

The Hollywood Ten

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