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The Presidents during the gilded age are referred to as "forgettable" because America was going through its Industrial Revolution at that time, and the powerful business leaders at the time (Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, etc) dominated the nation rather than the government. Additionally, there was much corruption going on throughout America, and the forgettable Presidents did not do a successful job of properly eliminating this corruption. Thus, they are deemed forgettable.

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Q: Why were the gilded age presidents forgettable?
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Was William Mckinley president during the gilded age?

Yes. He was the last of the Gilded Age presidents.

Were the presidents of the gilded age generally weak and ineffective?


Did the presidents during the Gilded Age effectively dealt with government corruption?

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What backing for the US currency was favored by the presidents in office during the Gilded Age?

Precious metals

Who were some political bosses of the gilded age?

The bosses of the gilded age were usually corrupt and received payment from the robber barons. Some of these bosses were Boss Tweed and the political machine of Tammany Hall. The corruption extended to include some of the presidents.

Were any of the presidents of the Gilded Age considered good presidents?

yes WilliamMcKinley Was a good president in my opinion. He was president from 1897-1901. Unfortunately he was assassinated in 1901 by Leon Frank Czolgosz.

How were airplanes important to the gilded age?

There were no airplanes in 'the gilded age'.

Definition of gilded age History of the US gilded age?

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Political participation during the gilded age was?

The political participation was high. This is during the gilded age.

What was the period of industrialization between the Civil War 1861-1865 to the end of the nineteenth century in America known as?

Gilded Age

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Who is gilded age?

Gilded Age was the period that was roughly followed from the 1870s. The term gilded age was coined by the writers by the names of Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner.