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becaz they were called jack marsden wich means they are retards in old english

becaz they were called jack marsden wich means they are retards in old english

That was very dumb to say -_____- ^^^^^

The conditions in the 1800s were poor because they had to go through little space; barely any air; and of course very dangerous work area. For example they could get there hand cut off trying to fix the machines. Very crowded area's so people had no space to even breathe:) ~ Wriitten By Diamond Harrison

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Working conditions prevalent during the 1700's and 1800's were poor. Laborers earned little, manufacturing plants were cramped, and workers were required to work long hours.

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Q: Why were the working conditions poor in the 1800?
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Were the girls abused in the factories in 1800?

They had bad working conditions along with minorities and children. Theodore Roosevelt fought for higher wages and better working condtions for them.

What were the job conditions in the late 1800?

it was a very bad rate of unemployment in the late 1800 because that was during the great depression

What was Living conditions like in Manchester in 1800 - 1900?

common rooms and equal treatment

Working conditions in 1900?

I will tell you about the working conditions in the U.S during the Industrial Revolution. This was during the late 1800's and the early 1900's. The working conditions were horrible! They were hot, crowed and stuffy. The air was hot, and only a few open windows were available. Sometimes factories had no windows at all!Which meant no fresh air! Even for you doing all that hard work, they sometimes only gave you a few pennies a day. Since that was one of the times when more people from across the ocean came to find a new life, it was hard to start there. Most factories that I am talking about, took place in New York City. People would stop at Ellis Island before going to New York. They did that to be checked for any sickness's or diseases. Sometimes earning was so hard, that children 7 and up had to work in factories too! You even had to work, sometimes 11 hours a day! And if you were found not working at any time, they could fire you in an instant, leaving you moneyless and jobless. As you can well imagine the working conditions in the late 1800's and the early 1900's, were horrible places.

What is organized labor?

Organized Labor is improving working conditions. :}

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What we're working conditions like in Lowell mills?

The working conditions of Lowell mills were very poor.

Working conditions in Ecuador?

The working conditions in Ecuador are poor compared to the working conditions in other areas of the world. These people must work in unsanitary conditions at times for example.

What is a white list?

it is a company that is good and has good working conditions. as a black list would have poor working conditions.

What were areas in a city called were most of the poor working-class lived in crowded conditions?


What were immigrants jobs and working conditions?

jobs that Americas don't want to have with poor conditions

How did unions help workers fight poor working conditions?

Unions provide unity of numbers to force changes in working conditions.

The poor working conditions in many of early factories gave rise to?

The poor working conditions in factories gave rise to infectious diseases, work-related in juries and alcoholism. The Progressive Movement sought to improve conditions for workers.

What is the Fairtrade farmer s working conditions like?

Poor condition with long working hours

What were the working conditions like in 1895?

Working conditions in 1895 were poor to sub-optimal for people. People worked long hours and were forced to work in unsafe conditions.

How did labor unions try to get better working conditions?

to fart and poor

What working conditions did labor unions oppose?

Poor,hazardous and overbearing.

What was the purpose of corporate shareholder trusts that were created in the US in late 1800?

to improve working conditions