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Because the Antislaves refused to accept the laws.

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Because that's what Jesus would do.

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Q: Why were two governments established in Kansas?
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Immediately prior to Bleeding Kansas what kind of government had been established in the Kansas-Nebraska territory?

Two opposing governments were established in Kansas

How did the newly opened territory of Kansas become a battleground for the issue of slavery?

two opposing governments were established in kansas: proslavery and antislavery

What did the Kansas-Nebraska act lead to?

bleeding kansas, two governments in kansas

What did the Kansas- Nebraska Act lead to?

bleeding Kansas, two governments in kansas

Why were there to governments in Kansas?

Kansas had to governments because the antislavery settlers refused to accept the results of the vote and held a second election.

Why were governments established among men?

Governments were established among men to bring law and order. People need some form of leadership and this how governments came into being.

Do all governments have representatives?

No. All governments do not have representatives. When the United States was established, most governments did not have representatives.

Was Bleeding Kansas a Confederate state or a Union state?

Kansas was a Union state. There were competing pro-union and pro-confederate governments vieing for control of Kansas leading up to the Civil War. That's why Kansas was bleeding. The two groups were fighting for control.

How many states have a city named Kansas City?

The population of Kansas City is approximately 463,202 people.

When did the rival proslavery and antislavery governments existed in?


What service is provided by local governments in Kansas?


What state did rival proslavery and antislavery governments exist?