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The monarch has no need for landowners to provide military service for 40 days a year. S/he has the army. If that part doesn't work any more, the rest falls apart.

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The system failed because of ben blacket. This man was a very mean man and he was given to much power. This ment that he could run the system into the ground :):):):):)

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Q: Why wouldn't the feudal system work today?
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What is a feudal government?

Feudal government was an unfair system used in ancient timesFeudalism involves a hierarchy consisting of a king, nobles, and peasants. The king grants land to the nobles and the nobles have peasants work the land. The peasants are provided shelter, food, and protection in exchange for increasing the wealth of the nobles.

When did the fedual system first take place?

the feudal system arose during the middle ages. large landowners kept peasants living and working on their land in exchange for some of the harvest and being allowed to live on the land. the peasants never had a chance to leave as they were never paid for their work except in produce and livestock.they were tied ti the land and lord. it worked out great for the lords.

What is a villein?

In the Middle Ages, a villein was a peasant who, under the feudal system of land tenure that prevailed in Europe in the Middle Ages, paid dues and services to a lord in exchange for land. Villeins were not slaves, and were named as freemen and freewomen in medieval documents, however they were not free. They, and their land and possessions belonged to the lord of the manor. They were not free to leave the manor, and they were subject to a very large number of obligations required by the lord, including work on the lord's land two or three days a week, additional work at harvest, and the payment of manorial dues. In lots of places they also had to pay for the right to brew ale, bake bread, and grind corn at the mill, that was probably owned by the lord.

What is the system of departments that do the work of government?


Who is the most important person in the feudal system?

in medieval times, the king, or also known as the monarch, was always at the top of the feudal society. The peasant and serfs were at the bottom. The middle was filled with nobles. this is my answer,, ummm. if this doesnt help, im so sorry,, this is what i know, im in grade 8 and we sort of learned this.-- a bit though =)

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How feudal system work?

the feudal system works how by William taking the mici out of people to be loyal to him.

What was everyday life in the feudal system like?

the feudal system for serfs was a bad thing because they always had to do work for the kings,lord and/or knights.

Does the feudal system work?

yes it does and it did for many years during the middle ages. some thought manorialism worked even better, but the feudal system was very affective.

Why isn't western Europe still operating under a feudal system?

because it work for years but the people got out for the feudal system for the right to vote if they were stal in the system we would be it it to int he usa but they did not so were not

What do serf become if they work hard?

In a feudal system, a serf would remain a serf no matter how hard they were to work.

Why do scientist work for?

scientists work because, if they didnt then we wouldnt know anything about our earth, plants, our body, humans, animals etc. they work because, they want to earn a living but out of doing it for something they like. if we didnt have science we wouldnt know everything that we know today about us, and how we ivolved.

What does serf mean in history?

An agricultural laborer bound under the feudal system to work on his lord's estate.

How did the feudal systm work for William the conpour 1066?

William created the system to retain power and to control the population.

Who was the most important person in the feudal system?

In the feudal system the most powerful person was the monarch. The most important person in the everyday life of the peasants would probably have been the reeve, who supervised their daily work and reported to the manor lord.

What were the three classes of the feudal system?

The three classes were the clergy (their duty was basically to pray), the nobility (their duty was to fight), and the serfs (they were to work).

What doesn't work well in feudal system for the knights?

what doesnt work well ius that the lords and kings they will push the peasents and the serfs to hard and they will get pissed off

What is medieval social and how do it work?

Medieval society was a feudal system. In this system, the king and wealthy class owned all of the property. The lower classes were allowed to work on the land an pay taxes to support the wealthy land owners.