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Q: Will most people steal if conditions are right?
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Will most steal if conditions are right?


Do other people steal sodas?

There are people known to steal sodas. Most people go to jail for stealing.

What item do black people steal the most often?

They steal stuff because they are unemployed and they need food.

How do you say steal in Australian slang?

Most people just use the word 'steal'. However, some slang terms for 'steal' are nick, swipe or flog.

How does A know everyones secret?

She spies on people, she gets all the dirt she can get. She is friends with the right people and listens to the right secrets. Also she may have to steal or investigate but it's all worth it in the end. But the most important factor is she looks innocent the whole time!

Would you think most people would steal if they could get away with it?


Why should you steal?

BECAUSE It is WRONG! Unfair and very very illegal. You can be fined or even put in jail for many years. I am hoping you're not going to steal anything, Because "SMART ONES" Don't steal. Stealing is stupid and not right. If you steal that memory will be stuck in your life forever and if you try to like example : Cut yourself , from doing bad things or maybe do drugs..You're life will be a living hell and It will be messed and screwed and not normal..EVER...AGAIN. Think about that for a second or two. I hope you make the right decision..Most people don't...And those people that made the wrong decision probably envy you right now. You GET to decide...You get to make the RIGHT decision.

Why were most convicts poor farmers?

Most convicts were just poor. Not nessesarily farmers. They were forced to steal from people were well off. They would steal mostly food or possesions that they could sell on.

The working conditions in most factories were usually?

unhealty and dangerous THE RIGHT ANSWER

What are the advantages of north Carolina college?

Most of the people are blind so you can steal from you classmates without them knowing.

Why are animals banned from kitchens?

because they aren't as clean as people can be they will beg for food most likely and/or steal it

Which hand do most people write with there left hand or there right hand?

Most people write with there right hand.