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Depending on which bill you mean, the Affordable Care Act of 2009 was passed in early 2010 and reconciled with the Health Care and Education Reconcilation Act by both houses. Health Care reform is thus law of the land.

All other bills, including the one containing a public option, were striked from the schedule.

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Q: Will the health care bill pass in the US Senate?
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Republican senators voted to pass the health care reform bill in its vote on the Senate floor?

No, zero Republicans voted for this bill in the Senate.

How many Republican senators voted to pass the health care reform bill in its vote on the Senate floor?

2 Republicans and 1 Independent

What are views on Health-Care Reform- The Rush to Pass a Bad Bill?

Senate Republicans want step-by-step solutions that reduce health care costs but don't require large bills and a Washington take over of the health care system.

Must the health reconciliation bill get 60 votes to pass?

No. The bill has been voted on and passed by both house and senate.

What are the odds of health care bill passing?

The health care bill did pass, was signed by the president, and in mid-2012, the Supreme Court ruled that it was in fact constitutional.

Did Obama pass a law to create a private army?

yes, its in the health care bill

Who wanted to pass a health care bill so she could find out what's in it?

queen pelousy

Did Nancy Pelosi say about the health care bill Let's pass it and then you will see what's in it?


Senate votes needed to pass a bill?

2/3 of Senate

Why is the election of Massachusetts so important to obamas health care bill?

The previous person in that seat, Ted Kennedy, was a huge supporter of health care reform. With out Ted Kennedy in that seat or at least a major supporter of the health care bill it is likely the bill will not pass because the democrats will no longer have the support they need.

When did congress pass a health care reform bill?

March 2010... and hopefully repealed by March 2011

How many votes to pass a spending bill in the senate?

Actually, there are a limited amount of people in the Senate. Anyway, the bill is passed when there are more votes to pass the bill EX: 60 wants bill, 25 doesn't