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There will be a mercenaries 3 because if you heard on the end of mercenaries 2 Fiona says "how does India sound?"

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Q: Will there be a mercenaries 3?
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What is the release date of Mercenaries 3?

Mercenaries 3 is not currently in development, this is entirely or partially because the developer for the two previous Mercenaries games; Pandemic was shut down in 2009.

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Is there going to be a mercenaries 3 on ps3?


Where will mercenaries 3 take place?


When is mercenaries 3 unmasked coming out?

Its not coming out its canceled

What is the world's favorite video game?

halo 3 or mercenaries

Where can you get mercenaries 3?

It's not out yet, and i may never come out.

Will there be a mercenaries 3 game?

Yes, they do have plans to continue the franchise

When does mercenaries 3 come out?

never.pandemic studios was closed in 2009

How do you buy mercenaries in AOE 3?

you need to build the "saloon"

Who were hired soldiers who served in a foreign army?

They're called mercenaries.

Where do you get mercenaries mode on Resident Evil 3?

Next to the big pile of cheese.