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trade unions

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Q: With other workers of the same skills workers formed what?
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With other workers of the same skills workers formed?

trade unions

An organization of workers with the same skills are called?

Trade Union

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What did workers of same skill form to fight for their employment?

They formed a union, which is a formal group organized to protect workers' rights and to help ensure fair and equitable treatment for all employees.

Is eusr the same as cscs?

No, EUSR stands for Energy & Utility Skills Register, which is a UK-based register for validating the skills of workers in the energy and utilities sector, while CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme, which is a UK-based certification for construction workers to prove their skills and qualifications on construction sites. Both schemes focus on different industry sectors.

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Migrant workers want to learn for the same reason other people want to learn: to make their lives better.

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Yes they work in a building and with other workers that do the same career.

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