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specialization and expertise of the employees

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Q: Within a bureaucracy the units of organization are divided according to?
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What are the three types of boundaryless organizations?

A boundaryless organization is not confined or limited by the bureaucracy and divisional boundaries within its structure. The three main types include modular organization, strategic alliance, and network organization.

What is Modern Bureaucracy?

Modern bureaucracy is a system of organization characterized by rules, procedures, and hierarchical structure to manage complex tasks efficiently. It emphasizes specialization, impartiality, and adherence to established procedures. Max Weber's concept of bureaucracy is a foundational framework in understanding the organization and functioning of modern institutions.

What is specialization in the federal bureaucracy?

Specialization in federal bureaucracy assumes that bureaucrats are specifically trained and knowledgeable in their particular area. For example, they only work within their own agency.

What is the administrative concepts of German Sociologist Max Weber.. 1.Democracy 2.Bureaucracy 3.Corporatism 4.Pluralism?

Max Weber introduced the concept of bureaucracy, emphasizing the importance of hierarchical organization, clear division of labor, and strict adherence to rules and procedures in administrative systems. While he did not specifically focus on democracy, corporatism, or pluralism in his administrative concepts, his work laid the foundation for understanding how administrative structures function within modern societies.

What are the the ten sectors within an organization's domain?

ten terms found within the healthcare organization

What are units within an organization that receive services from other units within the organization?

internal customers

A noted organization theorist said Pressure for change originates in the environment and Pressure for stability originates within the organization?

Pressure for stability originates within the organization

Is bureaucracy a form of technology?

No, bureaucracy is not a form of technology. Bureaucracy refers to the administrative and organizational structure of a system or institution, whereas technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. While technology can be used to support or improve bureaucratic processes, they are fundamentally different concepts.

What is ' organization structures and communication channels within your organization '?

The organisation structures and communication channels within your organisation are memos, emails, telephone calls within the business etc

What are the personnel movement within the organization?

Personnel movement within an organization refers to the changes in employee roles, responsibilities, or locations. This could include promotions, transfers, resignations, or new hires. Tracking personnel movement can help organizations understand their workforce dynamics and make informed decisions about talent management and succession planning.

What is the purpose of the commonwealth organization?

The purpose of an organization is to accomplish the goals and objectives as indicated within the organization's vision statement.

What determines the degree of specialization within an organization?

The degree of specialization within an organization is determined by a division of the whole organizationâ??s work into different parts. The work is then assigned to the corresponding parts in the organization.