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William Henry Harrison won the election that year.

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The man that became the 9th President of the United States was William Henry Harrison. He was elected in 1840 and held office from March 4, 1841 until his death on April 4, 1841.

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Q: Would become the ninth president in 1840?
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Who was the first US Vice President to become President when the elected President died?

John Tyler in 1841. He had been elected Vice President in 1840, with President William Henry Harrison. When Harrison died one month after taking office, VP Tyler took over.

Did John Tyler run for president?

Tyler ran for vice-president in 1840 with Wm Henry Harrison heading the ticket. He became president because Harrison died soon after taking office. Tyler never ran for president .

What president did the 'zero curse' start with?

1840: William Henry Harrison was elected and took office, but died thirty-one days later from pneumonia.

Where did the famous phrase of tippecano and tyler too come from?

came from the election in 1840, when William Henry Harrison (also known as "Old Tippecanoe") ran for president with John Tyler running as vice president. they used the slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler too".

Who was John Tylers vise president?

John Tyler had no vice-president. Tyler was never elected President. He was William Henry Harrison's running mate in 1840. When President Harrison died shortly after his inauguration, Vice-President Tyler assumed the duties of the presidency. However, the Constitution at that time was unclear whether Tyler only assumed the duties of the president, and kept the title of Vice-President, or whether he actually became President. Also, there was no provision in the Constitution for creating a Vice-President when the former Vice-President took over the duties of the President. So no Vice-President was created while Tyler was acting as President. Tyler's term ended in 1844 and he was not re-elected.

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When was the ninth president elected?

William Henry Harrison was the ninth US President. He was elected in November, 1840.

Whom was the president and vice president in 1840?

The president in 1840 was Martin Van Buren and the VP was Richard M. Johnson from Kentucky.

Who was the Vice-President of the United States in 1840?

Richard Mentor Johnson (born October 17, 1780 or 1781 in Beargrass, Kentucky; died November 19, 1850 in Frankfort, Kentucky) succeeded Martin Van Buren as the ninth Vice-President of the United States, serving between March 4, 1837 and March 4, 1841, including the whole of 1840.

Who was the leader of the US in 1840?

The US President in 1840 was Martin van Buren.

Who was elected president in 1840 and what political party did he belong to?

William Henry Harrison was elected President in 1840 as the candidate of the Whig Party.

Who was president of the US during 1840?

William Henry Harrison was the President of the United States during 1840. However, he died after only one month in office, making him the shortest-serving U.S. President in history.

Who was the first vice president to become president without being elected president?

John Tyler was the first vice president to become President without being elected as President. He took over for William Henry Harrison, who was the first President to die in office in 1840.

How many electoral votes were needed to become president in 1840?

In the 1840 US Presidential election, a total of 148electoral votes were required to secure election as President. The victor, Whig candidate William Harrison, was elected with 234 - a majority of 174 and 86 more than was required to win.

Who ran for president in 1840?

In 1840, Wiliam Howard Taft, Whig candidate from Ohio, won over the incumbent Democrat President Martin Van Buren.

Who was William Henry Harrison's opponent in 1840?

Martin Van Buren , the incumbent President, ran against him in 1840.

In what year did Pittsburgh become a city?


Who was elected vice president in 1840?

John Tyler was the vice-president elected in 1840, The slogan Tippecanoe and Tyler too became famous. "Tippecanoe" was Harrison who died after a month in office so Tyler became president.