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If you mean "... instead of also abiding by the US Constitution", then no. The US Constitution is "the supreme law of the land", and in cases where it conflicts with state constitutions or other laws at either the federal or state level, the US Constitution "wins". There was some debate about this at one time ... the 14th amendment exists partially to clear up any doubt that state constitutions are wholly subordinate to the US constitution, and may not allow anything it forbids (they canforbid things that it tacitly allows (by not forbidding them); they can't forbid things that it explicitly states are allowed).

States may (and indeed should), of course, abide by their own constitutions in all cases where there is not any explicit conflict with the US Constitution.

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Q: Would it be possible for each state to merely abide by its own constitution?
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Does Puerto Rico abide by the US Constitution?

Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, it is required to abide by the US Constitution. It does not have voting representatives in Congress, but to do have representatives that present the views of the citizens of the territory.

Why is congress prohibited from established an official Religion?

The establishment clause of the constitution prohibits an establishment of religion or the free exercise of religion. The congress is required to abide by the constitution.

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What promise you make when you become a US citizen?

To abide by the constitution of the United States.

What is one promise you make when you US citizen?

To abide by the constitution of the United States.

What is the principle of constitutionalism?

Everyone no matter who you are must abide by the rules of the constitution.

Citizens of Ohio must abide by the rules and laws in their state constitution. They also have to follow the rules and laws in the US Constitution. Why is this?

The U.S. Constitution is the highest authority in the country.

What led to the writing of the U.S. Constitution?

The United States needed a constitution to abide by. They needed laws to make sure that they keep their promise for freedom.

How does federal judiciary affect policy making?

It ensures that any laws passed, abide by the Constitution.

All laws must agree with what document?

All laws must agree with the United States Constitution. If a law does not abide by the constitution, it can be challenged by the Supreme court.

Which branch of government is given constiutional responsibility?

that question doesn't make much sense. all branches of government have the responsibility to abide by the constitution. the judiciary interprets the constitution, the legislature can amend the constitution, and the executive is in charge of carrying out the constitution and enforcing laws.

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