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Thomas Jefferson wrote this for the First Continental Congress in 1774

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Thomas Jefferson

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Q: Wrote a summary view of the rights of British America?
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Did John Dickinson write A summary view of the rights of British America?

No, Thomas Jefferson wrote it.

Who read the Declaration of Independence to the Second Continental Congress?

who wrote a summary view of the rights of British America

Who wrote a summary view of the rights of British America?

Thomas Jefferson

What did the founding fathers do to America?

The founding fathers transformed America from a British colony to an independent nation. They created a constitution which remains the legal framework upon which America is based, to this day.

What British Act upset the colonists who wrote the Declaration of Rights?

in mu hose

What did the first continental congress do for America?

wrote The Declaration of Rights and Grievances. You're welcome

Which exiled British author wrote Common Sense?

Thomas Paine, the British-born American political activist, philosopher and revolutionary wrote Common Sense in 1776, besides The Age Of Reason and Rights Of Man.

What were Shakespeare major contributions to American heritage?

shakespeare was the first president of america and wrote the bill of rights

When was the Bill of Rights wrote?

The Bill of Rights was wrote in 1789.

Who wrote the Canadian constitution?

The Canadian Constitution was written by many members of the Canadian Parliament. It was called the British North America Act of 1967.

What did john Adams do as best president?

he wrote the Bill of Rights

Which saint wrote a summary of faith?

St. Thomas Aquinas wrote the Summa Theologica.