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Hera was annoyed by Echo in this way and caused her to only repeat what was said to her.

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The woods nyph that anoyed the goddess was named 'Echo'.

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Q: A wood nymphs constant chattering annoyed a goddess?
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A wood nymphs constant chattering anyodded goodes the goddness cursed nymph so that they could only speak by repiting the words of other people?

The nymph Echo, cursed by goddess Hera.

What was the name of the wood-nymph who's constent chattering annoyed a greek goddess?

Echo's gossip and tales served to distract Hera, Zeus' wife, while he fraternized with other nymphs. As a result, Hera cursed Echo to only ever be able to repeat what others said.

Who were persephone friends?

nymphs nature goddess'

Who is the young Greek goddess of nature?

nymphs were the godesses of nature

How many hunting nymphs did Artemis have?

The goddess Artemis asked Zeus for a fleet of 60 nymphsfor her birthday.

What was the fate of the nymph in mythology?

To be a minor goddess: there are many nymphs in Greek myths.

Who is the Greek god of plants?

Demeter is the goddess of harvest. Her daughter Persephone is the goddess of flowers. Hegemone was a goddess of flowering and bearing fruit. Additionally there were plant spirits such as the nymphs.

Who is the young goddess of nature?

Persephone (purr-sef-un-ee) is the Greek goddess of springtime. She is wife to Hades (unwillingly) and the only daughter of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest.

Is there a greek god of summer?

Notus (or Notos) is the god of the south wind. Persephone is the goddess of spring growth, and Aura is the goddess of summer breezes. The Aurai are nymphs of (summer) breezes.

Why does the goddess Artemis enjoy dancing?

As that is one of the things her nymphs and she did in the wild, supposedly, she enjoyed it because it was another aspect of her freedom.

Lesser nature goddess who cared for Zeus was?

The nymphs were the minor nature goddesses who cared for Zeus when he was an infant. Their names were Adrasteia and Ida.

What did gaia and uranus relationship result in?

A lot. The Titans, Cyclopes, Furies, several nymphs, the Hundred-Handed Ones, and the goddess Aphrodite.