Ancient Egypt was protected by

Updated: 8/19/2023
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ancient Egypt was protected by the Sahara from enemies

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the mediterranean

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Q: Ancient Egypt was protected by
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Why was Egypt protected from invasion?

Egypt was surrounded by deserts that were very difficult for ancient armies to penetrate.

What did deserts protect ancient Egypt from?

The deserts protected the Egyptians from invaders,

What do you notice about population distribution and settlement location in Ancient Egypt?

No because geographical barriers from the north to south and east to west protected Egypt.

How did the ordinary people in ancient Egypt prepare for the afterlife?

They did a pee in their pyramids so they would be protected in the afterlife.

How did the desert protect ancient Egypt?

The sand dunes act as a natural barrier, blocking strong winds.

Who was the falcon god who protected the rulers in ancient egypt?

Horus was only one such god. He was regarded as the Living Pharaoh.

What were some places of interest for the god Anubis?

The Duat (underworld) where he guided, protected and tested the dead of ancient Egypt.

What was natural barrier that protected Egypt in the south?

The natural barrier that protected Egypt in the south is cataracts.

Why was Anubis was the protector of mummies?

Anubis in mythology of ancient Egypt protected and wrapped the body of Osiris to preserve it for eventual resurrection, it was this role he was eventually assumed for all ancient Egyptians.

What is a nome in ancient Egypt?

A Nome in ancient Egypt is was a subnational administrative division of ancient Egypt.

What territory did Piankhi conquer?

Egypt's Ancient Capital.

What are the gigantic structures that protected bodies of dead pharaohs in ancient Egypt?

salted tisusue wrapped around body so it keeps moisture