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Yassou, which means hi/bye (kind of like ciao in Italian)

Don't Know about Ancient Greek words

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Q: Are there any Greek words that begin with y Names heroes anything ancient greek any word at all?
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Do heroes in Greek and Roman mythology have the same names?

no they dont .

What are the second names of the Greek gods and goddesses?

The ancient Greek Gods did not have second (or family) names.

What was the names of ancient Greek theatres?


Who are some Greek heroes names?

Usually the roll of heroes contains Perseus, Heracles, Bellerophon, Theseus, Jason, Achilles and Odysseus.

What are the names all the ancient greek gods?


What are some names of ancient greek vessels?

The Argo

What names for ancient greek board games?

Theirs cheakers :)

What were the names of the ancient Greek Olympic athletes?

poo nanny

Why are there 2 names for Ancient Greece gods?

The Greek gods have 2 names because they are known in both Greek AND Roman mythology, only in differant names.

Ancient greek wines names?

There isn't enough here telling me about whether greeks had alot in the ancient times or not. It also doesn't mention any names of ancient greek wines.

Is there anything famous in ancient rome that starts with z?

About the only famous thing starting with z pertaining to ancient Rome was the town of Zama where Scipio whipped Hannibal. A money belt was called a zona. Most of the z words were of Greek origin or Greek names.

What are the names of all bacteria?

Eubacteria and archaebacteria. [archae is Greek for "ancient"]