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Atlas was a Titan, the son of Iapetus and Clymene.

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Who was the founder of the Roman race in Greek mythology?

AeneasAnswer 2Greek mythology did not bother with Romans. Aeneas belongs to the Roman mythology.

What race is part human and part bull in Greek mythology?


Who would die if they lost a race in Greek mythology?

The suitors of Atalanta.

Famous battle or really long race in greek mythology?


What race is Hades?

In Greek mythology, Hades is typically depicted as a deity and ruler of the underworld, known as the god of the dead. He is usually described as a member of the Olympian gods, alongside Zeus and Poseidon, making him a part of the Greek pantheon.

A strong muscular woman from the name of a race of female warriors in Greek mythology?

Strong, muscular women in Greek mythology were known as Amazons. They were fierce warriors and had no need for men in their society.

Name for a strong muscular woman from the name of a race of female warriors in greek mythology?


What word describes a strong muscular woman named after a race of female warriors in Greek mythology?


Who is the the father of Prometheus and Atlas and an ancestor of the human race?

You're two qualifiers are mutually exclusive. Prometheus and Atlas were not human, they were Titans, and so their parents were Titans as well. They were not ancestors of humans any more than one could say that God is an ancestor of man. Prometheus CREATED man in Greek mythology. That hardly makes him an ancestor. Remember, Wikipedia is edited by everyone... and some people are idiots. For the record, though, Prometheus and Atlas were sons of Iapetos.

What qualities did he give to man in Greek mythology?

"He" is inconclusive. There were more then one "he" who gave qualities to man in Greek Myth - there was even more then one race of man!

Which Greek created Greek mythology?

The tales say that over millenniums of time rocks, planets, etc. crashed together creating the greek titaness Gaea. The dust shot up into the air making a male named Uranus. They populated children and named their race 'titans'. Kind of like the story in the bible 'Adam and Eve'Answer:The Greek scholar and grammarian, Apollodorus, created Greek Mythology. Though it was the Roman poet Ovid who created Roman Mythology and started off the characters that are now in Greek Mythology. (Greek and Roman Mythology are the same, but have a different telling of stories.)

What do you call a part man part horse?

In Greek mythology, the centaurs are a race of creatures composed of part human and part horse.