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Q: Current allusions to Atalanta the Greek Goddess?
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Was Atalanta a Greek goddess or was she a hero?

Atalanta was a heroine.

Goddess Atalanta's Roman name?

Atalanta was a beautiful Greek princess, not a goddess, (although some believe that she was a member of Artemis's [or Roman Diana's] Hunt) so she went by Atalanta in both Roman and Greek culture.

Who is the Greek goddess that lost in a race because of golden apples?

You're thinking of Atalanta, but she wasn't a goddess.

Why was in the Atalanta wilderness as an infant?

In the Greek myth of Atalanta, the huntress was said to have been left in the wilderness as an infant because her father wanted a son and was disappointed by the birth of a daughter. Atalanta was a favorite of the Greek goddess Artemis.

What does atalanta mean in Greek mythology?

Atalanta means "unswaying" in Greek.

Who was Atalanta?

Atalanta was a heroine in Greek mythology.

What was Atalanta's personality in Greek mythology?

Atalanta, having grown up in the wilderness, became a fierce huntress and was always armed. It is said that she took an oath of virginity to the goddess Artemis. When two centaurs Rhoikos and Hylaios tried to rape her, Atalanta killed them.

What did the Greek god Atalanta have power over?

Atalanta was not a Greek god, she was a mortal.

Who is the Roman Atalanta?

Atalanta is the same, in Greek or Latin.

Who were Atalanta's parents in Greek mythology?

Atalanta was the daughter of Iasus and Clymene.

Who is the Greek god of running?


Who was Atlanta The Greek Goddess?

Atalanta was not a goddess, but a person in Greek mythology. she was a huntress famous for her speed and skill. She took part in the Calydonian hunt and was rewarded by Meleager with the pelt of the boar. Later, warned by an oracle not to marry, she demanded that each suitor run a race with her, on the condition that the winner would marry her and the losers would die. Hippomenes won the race by dropping three golden apples which Atalanta stopped to retrieve.